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Hi, I’m Jenny and I’m an artist and printmaker based in Lancaster UK, my artistic career has been very varied and continues to change and flow along with my restless brain. In my current artwork, I use a lot of traditional printing techniques, I love the freedom it gives me to layer my drawings and experiment with combining techniques.

Wildlife and nature feature a lot in my work, I combine drawings, collage and printmaking, using messy gestural lines to capture the energy and movement of the subjects. I use layers of vintage paper to build up the tones and textures of my subject, I love the happy accidents that occur with the placement of collage– lines and colours of the paper referencing the original subject but also creating something new and different.

Alongside my paper based work, I also developed a range of hand printed textiles produced by myself and sold in small gallery shops and art fairs. Off the back of this work, I was commissioned to write 2 craft books sharing printing and sewing skills. Both published by Cico books 2013/14

A massively Important part of my practice has always been to work with people, it’s vital for me to be part of the local community, to be visible and accessible when making artwork, I love to teach and share my skills. I have delivered successful community arts projects, including a community dance film, residences in schools and hospitals facilitating creative arts projects. My recent fixation is with pop up print studios working with the general public or in schools & galleries to produce large-scale collaborative works.

I currently am a technician at Iron Press Printmaking in Lancaster, helping to run open access session and teaching printmaking courses.